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Hi people!! Hi! 

I hope you're great :D

I'm passing by to tell you that now I'm on and you can buy stuff with my artwork there! There's a lot of things I'm sure you'll love having!

Check it out:

Go and buy some stuff and then show me what you got! 

I may be choosing one of you to win a realistic portrait.

Good luck and have fun! Clap 

P.S.: Don't forget noting me your pictures with any thing you buy from my store.
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Hello guys!! 

I may say I don't do this very often (I think i've done it like.. twice lol), but tonight I wanna share my Facebook fanpage with you :) So you can join and see my artwork, I know it's kinda the same thing here and there.. But I'd really appreciate if you go there and put a click on "like" :D

It's not gonna take you so much time and if you don't mind you can also share it with your friends :3

Plus, i'll be doing a CONTEST very soon so YOU CAN GET A PAINTING of anything you want! You just have to go there and JOIN TO PARTICIPATE! I'll make the contest by RECOMMENDATION, this means that the more people you invite to my page and join, the more chances you have of winning the piece. They just have to join (obviously hehe) and tag you on my wall.

So, here's the link:

And please spread the word!! :D


Whitney Silva.
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Hello hello!!

I've never written here but I have something to tell you guys who watch me :)

I recently created a fan page in Facebook which is…

I hope you stop by and set "like" and of course if it doesn't bother you, spread the word!

P.S.: Do not forget requests for commissions is OPEN!

I have to say good bye for now! I'll be submitting artworks soon, don't lose sight of me! :)

Good night you sweet people!
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